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Due to Covid 19, our Stock Trailers are taking longer to produce than normal.  Months of the pandemic have caused many shortages from our suppliers.  This includes key materials such as metal. Trailers are put in the production line as soon as they are purchased and the materials are available.  Please call any our sales professionals for current inventory selection and projected delivery times.


We want you to have your trailer as fast as we can get it to you.  We appreciate your patience!

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Complete List of Stock Trailer Sizes

4 X 6 Single Axle
5 X 8 Single Axle
5 X 10 Single Axle
6 X 10 Single Axle
6 X 12 Single Axle
6 X 14 Single Axle
6 X 10 Tandem Axle
6 X 12 Tandem Axle
6 X 14 Tandem Axle

7 X 12 Single Axle
7 X 14 Single Axle
7 X 14 Tandem Axle
7 X 16 Tandem Axle
7 X 18 Tandem Axle
7 X 20 Tandem Axle


8.5 X 14 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 16 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 18 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 20 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 22 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 24 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 26 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 28 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 30 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 32 Tandem Axle
8.5 X 34 Triple Axle

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A Note About our Stock Trailers...

Quick Ship Trailers come from the production lines with standard features and some upgraded options. A trailer with only a few options is built quicker. The more options added to customize a trailer, the more production time is needed to build the trailer you need. When adding options, work with your sales team professional to determine a ship date that accommodates longer production times.

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Check Out Financing for Quick Ship Trailers

Trojan Cargo Sales has partnered with
 Sheffield Financia
Rock Solid Financing
to provide you with financing options to get the 
trailer you need to get the trailer you want! 


Both are top rated in the industry providing financing solutions for almost any buyer.  Qualified customers will find that our options will enable you to get the right trailer, with the right equipment for ultimate hauling results. Sheffield Financial provides five options.  With Sheffield, there are no long waits for your qualification status, no more endless paperwork, and no more careless service.

For more information, visit Sheffield Financial’s website at, or call 1.800.438.8892.

Sheffield Customer service hours are
 Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PM
Loan processing hours are:
Mon-Sat: 8AM – 10:30 PM
 1PM – 8PM

Rock Solid Funding is a professional financial services provider specializing in trailers and other recreational equipment vehicles. 

For more information, visit Rock Solid Funding’s, or call 1.800.607.1108 or

Rock Solid Customer Service Hours are 
Mon-Fri 8AM – 5PM

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