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Tires and Rims

Aluminum Rims T07

AKA Spider Mags!
These are the most popular upgraded rim we sell!

Silver Mod Rims

Silver Mod Rims are a popular choice with great style. These are standard!


Aluminum Rim T03

Add style to your trailer with these shiny rims! Don't settle for basic!


Aluminum Rim T03 Black Inlay

These are just HOT! Add these to make your trailer stand out on the road!

Black Mod Rims

These rims are standard on the Black Diamond Package.

white lug rims

White Rims

This is the most basic rim available for those on a budget.

Exterior Colors

6X12 Side Door

Standard Colors

Our standard colors are white, black, silver, charcoal gray, pewter and red. These all come in .024 metal

Premium Colors

Premium colors are available with upgraded metal (.030). These are indigo blue, brandywine, emerald green and arizona beige.

Extra Premium Colors

Extra Premium colors come in updraded .030 metal. These great colors are california orange, penske yellow, matte black, electric green, electric blue and dove gray.

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We offer a wide selection! Check out all of our colors.


Barn Door

Barn Doors are a great alternative to the ramp door. This is a standard feature.

Ramp Door

Ramp doors are a must for accommodation easy loading. This choice is a standard feature.

Flat Front

Flat front trailers are a great option for those needing space for a generator. This is a standard feature.

V Nose

The V Nose adds 24" of additional payload space. This is a standard feature

Slant V Nose

A slant V-Nose has an aerodynamic style. This is an upgraded option.


Standard tongues are 48". Upgrading can get you a 60" or a 72" tongue for a better turning radius. Tongues can be upgraded with chrome finish as shown in the picture.

Spare Tire Mount (Exterior)

Add a spare tire mount on your options so it's there when you need it. Outside mount leaves more room inside. Mounts are an upgrade. Tire not included.

Spare Tire Mount (Interior)

Storing your spare tire inside keeps it secure. Add a spare tire mount on your options so it's there when you need it. Can be located in various places inside the trailer.Mounts are an upgrade. Tire not included.

Tie Downs and Stabilizers

D Rings

D Rings provide a way to secure your cargo. Four D Rings come standard on all of our trailers. Floor D Rings are welded to the trailer frame.

E Trac

E Trac is the solution that gives you much more flexibility is securing your cargo. E Trac is an upgrade option and is available on floors and walls and is welded to the frame.

Electrical, Vents & AC

Electrical Package

The electrical package comes with two 24" flat panel LED lights, two receptacles, one light switch, 30 or 50 amp panel box, and a 25' LifeLine.

AC Package

AC package is 13,500 or 15,000 BTU AC with heat strips.

Panel Box with LifeLine

The panel works like a panel box for your trailer. This gives you the basic start for individualized electrical needs

Aluminum Sidewall Vents

These offer ventilation and are standard on all of our trailers and are welded to the frame. No more leaking, cracking roof vents!

Interior Options and Upgrades


There are three insulation options. Keep your trailer comfortable throughout the seasons. Check your option in your cart.

Wall and Ceiling Covering

White metal or white vinyl covering adds a sleek look to your walls and ceiling. Easy cleanup and added sound proofing. You can also add mill finish and all color options as an upgrade.


Base Front Cabinet

Adding cabinetry gives you valuable extra storage! Available in a variety of colors.

Upper Cabinet

Maximize your space and gain additional storage that's out of the way.

Popular Miscellaneous Options

Black & White Tile Floors

These great looking floors add a lot of style to your interior!


Aluminum Tread Flooring

Aluminum Tread Plate (ATP) flooring is a popular choice that allows easy cleanup for concession and race trailers.

Rubber Tread Floors

This is a very durable floor option. Rubber tread is slip resistant and provides a great look for your trailer.

Rubber Coin Flooring

This is a very durable floor option. Rubber tread is slip resistant and provides a great look for your trailer.

Bathroom Packages

Great for the overnight traveler. Several combinations available.

Ladder Rack

A must have for the contractor.

Concession Extras

Mill Finish Interiors

Mill finish interiors gives you the stainless look you want for a clean interior. This is a must for concession trailers to meet standards.

Concession Service Windows

Service windows can be built into your trailer in a variety of sizes and locations.

Stainless Steel Fixtures

Food prep areas have the required stainless fixtures.

Ventilation Systems

All concession trailers require ventilation. Let us help you customize your cook space.

Overhead Cabinetry

Add valuable storage overhead.

BBQ Porch

Outdoor cooking space for open cooking concessions.

The Motorcycle Package

D Rings

Six D Rings are included in this package.

Stabilizer Jacks

Buy these by the pair. Keeps yout trailer stable.

Chrome Rims

The Motorcycle Package comes with a choice of chrome rims.

Motorcycle Package

Keep Your bikes safe and secure. This package gives you the ability to secure your prized bikes.

The Black Diamond Package

Trojan Cargo Sales offers the exclusive Black Diamond Package! This includes all black trim, black ATP fenders, black door trim, black stone and nose guards, a black ATP step well (on 8 1/2 wides only), black bar lock with black hasp on ramp door and black steel wheels.

And All Other Options You Can Imagine!