How to Buy a Cargo Trailer

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Before purchasing your trailer, please consider how you will use it and what will be hauled in it.
Payload Weight plays a big role in the type trailer configuration you choose. Reference our FAQ page for essential information on topics such as hitches, tongue weights, axles and more.

Read the "How to Buy" information below to determine the options you need to add to your trailer package. At any point during your shopping process you need our assistance, we are ready to help build the perfect trailer and exceed your expectations!

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So How Do I Buy a Trailer?

Knowing how to buy a cargo trailer doesn’t have to be complicated!
Even with all of the choices and options we offer, the team at Trojan Cargo Sales will make your buying experience easy and convenient.
Shop online and build your trailer using our secure, online store or let us walk you through the ordering process.

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Have questions?

Many questions can be answered on our How to Buy page and our Frequently Asked Questions page.
We are ready to assist you!
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To make your ordering process quicker, we will need to know information to make sure your trailer is right for you!

  • What are you going to be using your trailer for? 
  • What Length do you need?
  • What Width do you need?
  • How much weight are you going to carry?
  • How much time do you have?
    (Some trailer options take several weeks to complete)
  • What height at the rear ramp door do you need?
    (Rear Ramp and Barn Doors are shorter than interior height)
  • Do you need to upgrade your rear ramp door?
    (8.5 Standard ramp holds 4000lb 7’ Wide standard holds 2000lb)
  • Do you want to upgrade metal Thickness?
    (This is and option you will always be glad you chose)
  • Are you in an area with Snow? 
    (If so you need to upgrade your roof bows)

Get Started!

1. Select Your Base Model

We are an exclusive Diamond Cargo Dealer and we sell all of the popular sizes.  We sell trailers that  are 6, 7 or 8.5 feet wide and come in length combination between 12 and 34 feet long. You will select options as you build your cart to ensure your trailer has the right equipment for the job!

2. Select Your Options

There are many options to choose from when ordering your trailer.  As you navigate your shopping cart, you will be able to add options that enhance the appearance and performance of your trailer.  

At any time during the process of configuring your trailer you need out help, we are ready to help you walk through the steps of choosing the right options. 

 Please note that the more options added to the trailer, the longer the production time will be. 

If you choose several options, we will work with you on a custom delivery date.

3. Set Up Your Payment or Financing

A deposit is required to hold your trailer while awaiting pickup.   The deposit can be paid with a credit card (a 3% fee applies) or mailed in by Cashier’s check.  

Remaining balance will be due when you take ownership of your trailer.  
Final payment can be made by Cash, Cashier’s Check or Credit Card.  A 3% fee will be charged on all credit card transactions.

 If your trailer is customized, a 30% deposit will be required. 


 Need Financing? 
Click HERE for available financing options.  



Once your financing is approved, notify your sales associate to complete the purchase process.

4. Arrange for Pickup or Delivery

Trailer Pickup Hours

Monday – Sunday
We also schedule after hours pick up free of charge
Your pickup time will be arranged when we finalize your sale.  We will work with you personally to schedule this.
A charge will apply to all unscheduled pick- ups.  All after hours pickups must be arranged by 12:00 of the day you are planning to pick up.  This applies to Monday through Friday.  Any weekend pickups will need to be scheduled by Friday at 12:00PM


We offer delivery across the continental US.  our dedicated sales team member will go over delivery charges based on the size of your trailer and your location. 
Charges are based on a per mile rate and a flat rate for local delivery.

Delivery times vary based on your location.

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