Thanks for shopping our Cargo Trailer Specials

To make your ordering process quicker, we will need to know information to make sure your trailer is right for you!

  • What are you going to be using your trailer for? 
  • What Length do you need?
  • What Width do you need?
  • How much weight are you going to carry?
  • How much time do you have?
    (Some trailer options take several weeks to complete)
  • What height at the rear ramp door do you need?
    (Rear Ramp and Barn Doors are shorter than interior height)
  • Do you need to upgrade your rear ramp door?
    (8.5 Standard ramp holds 4000lb 7’ Wide standard holds 2000lb)
  • Do you want to upgrade metal Thickness?
    (This is and option you will always be glad you chose)
  • Are you in an area with Snow? 
    (If so you need to upgrade your roof bows)

Having this information in advance will help us make your buying experience as easy as an Autumn Breeze!
Also check out our How To Buy page for more helpful information

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cargo trailer frequently asked questions