How to determine what you need, a car hauler vs a cargo trailer. Both are popular in the transportation industry. In this article we will explore the different features and advantages that each type of trailer brings to the road. Whether you’re a seasoned car hauling pro or a newbie setting off on your first adventure, this short guide will provide you with the essential knowledge to make informed decisions before you purchase a car hauler for sale.

What Are The Main Differences In A Car Hauler vs A Cargo Trailer?

When pondering on car haulers vs cargo trailers there are a few major differences in the buildings of them.

An enclosed car hauler is specifically designed to transport cars, trucks, or sport utility vehicles. They are built to support the weight of the vehicle, have tie downs on the interior to secure the motor vehicle to prevent it from shifting during transport, and durable ramps for loading the vehicle.

An enclosed cargo trailer is built in a similar fashion to the car hauler. They have an open interior for hauling items, equipment, supplies, and many other items. They both have a rear door and often a side door. The main difference is the normal enclosed trailer may not have tie downs and may not be able to support the weight of a motor vehicle according to the gvwr and axles. So in essence, a car hauler can be used for hauling car in addition to hauling many other items, while not being used to haul cars.

car hauler vs cargo trailer - 8.5x24 car hauler for sale

Are There Different Types of Car Haulers?

The answer is yes. There are enclosed car haulers and open car haulers. The major difference is the enclosed car hauler is completely enclosed providing protection from the elements, damage during transport, and theft. One of the major benefits with an enclosed hauler is you can close and lock both the ramp door and side door (included with most trailers) versus an open car hauler.

If you have a show car or race car, you may opt to choose an enclosed car hauler to protect your investment. On the other hand, if you have a transportation business and need to haul multiple vehicles, you may opt for the open hauler.

Can I Customize an Enclosed Car Hauler?

Yes you can. Just like normal cargo trailer, there are many customizations available for your enclosed car hauler. You start by choosing your model and width: flat nose, v nose, slant v nose, 6ft, 7 ft, 8.5 ft. When choosing a width it is important to know what you are going to be hauling. Then customizations can continue from rims and tires, to tie downs and stabilizers (d-rings or etrac), single and tandem axle, rubber and diamond plate interior floors, and steel, and aluminum car hauler.

Hauling precious cargo and need a cooling system, you can even opt for an ac system or insulation. You can choose from a basic looking car trailer to additional premium features like colors, styles, and towing capacity to make your car hauler the envy of the road. You can look at more options here. We have a variety of car haulers for sale, however they tend to sell fast. Don’t see what you want on our in stock trailer inventory page, you can even design your own trailer. We have direct access to the dealer – manufacturer so it’s just a matter of you choosing what is suitable for your needs. Once the trailer is custom designed we can get it ordered and arrange for pick up or delivery once it is built.

car hauler vs cargo trailer - 8.5x36 Black Custom Car Hauler
8.5x36 Black Custom Car Hauler Ramp Door

Advantages of Using An Enclosed Car Hauler

We’ve previously discussed some of the benefits, but will list them here.

  • Protection from elements
  • Protection from theft
  • Protection from damage to vehicle during transport
  • Secure the vehicle with tie downs
  • Ability to store other items that may need to be hauled
  • Most enclosed car haulers have a side door that allows easy access to the interior without having to lower the ramp door
  • If properly maintained, can hold its value
  • Single-car hauler or multiple car hauler, depending on the length you choose
  • Bumper pull
  • Pull with a pickup truck

There are so many advantages of choosing an enclosed car hauler trailer. One of the best is the peace of mind you have knowing your car is protected.

Whether you need a single car hauler or you need a two-car hauler, we have the knowledge and an experienced sales team that can help you with everything from choosing the right hauler for your needs to financing it. Our enclosed heavy-duty car haulers are a great choice for your car hauling experience.

Shop online for convenience and browse our car hauler trailers for sale, then contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for on our in stock trailer page, one of our representatives will be happy to assist. Let us help you today. Call (877) 630-5448 for immediate assistance.

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